Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Comparison - Elasticsearch vs MongoDB

Elasticsearch MongoDB
Description A modern enterprise search engine based on Apache Lucene One of the most popular document stores
DB-Engines Ranking Rank - 14, Score - 64.83 Rank - 4, Score - 277.32
Database model Search engine Document store
Developer Apache Software Foundation MongoDB, Inc
Initial release 2010 2009
License Open Source Open Source
Database as a Service No No
Implementation language Java C++
Server operating systems All OS with a Java VM Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows
Data scheme schema-free schema-free
APIs and other access methods Java API, RESTful HTTP/JSON API proprietary protocol using JSON
Server-side scripts No JavaScript
Triggers Yes No
Partitioning methods Sharding Sharding
Replication methods Yes Master-slave replication
MapReduce No Yes
Consistency concepts Eventual Consistency Eventual Consistency, Immediate Consistency
Foreign keys No No
Transaction concepts No No
Durability Yes Yes

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