Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Topshelf : Easy to create a Windows service

Topshelf is a Windows service framework for the .NET platform. Topshelf makes it easy to create a Windows service, test the service, debug the service, and ultimately install it into the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM). Topshelf does this by allowing developers to focus on service logic instead of the details of interacting with the built-in service support in the .NET framework. Developers don’t need to understand the complex details of service classes, perform installation via InstallUtil, or learn how to attach the debugger to services for troubleshooting issues.
Topshelf works with Mono, making it possible to deploy services to Linux. The service installation features are currently Windows only, but others are working on creating native host environment support so that installation and management features are available as well.

Reference Link: http://topshelf-project.com/

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