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Reporting Services Script File

The reporting services rs utility (RS.exe), utility processes script you provide in an input file. Developers and report server administrators can perform operations on a report server through the use of the rs utility (RS.exe). Using this utility, you can programmatically administer a report server using Visual Basic .NET scripts. 
Reporting Services scripts can be used to run any of the Reporting Services Web service operations. Script files take a certain format and are written in Visual Basic .NET. Scripting can be used to copy security to multiple reports on a server, to add and delete items, to copy report server items from one server to another and more.
RS.exe is located at \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn folder.  
To run the tool, you must have permission to connect to the report server instance you are running the script against. You can run scripts to make changes to the local computer or a remote computer.
Reporting Services Script File
A Reporting Services script is a Visual Basic .NET code file, written against a proxy that is built on Web Service Description Language (WSDL), which defines the Reporting Services SOAP API. A script file is stored as a Unicode or UTF-8 text file with the extension .rss.
The script file acts as a Visual Basic module and can contain user defined procedures and module-level variables. For the script file to run successfully, it must contain the Main procedure. The Main procedure is the starting point for your script file, and it is the first procedure that is accessed when your script file runs. Main is where you can add your Web service operations and run your user defined subprocedures. The minimum structure you need to execute a report server script file is the Main procedure.
Sample script.rss file:
Public Sub Main()
    Dim items() As CatalogItem
    items = rs.ListChildren("/", True)

    Dim item As CatalogItem
    For Each item In items
    Next item
End Sub 
To run Script.rss in the script environment specifying a user name and password for authenticating the Web service calls: 
rs –i Script.rss -s http://servername/reportserver -u myusername -p mypassword
Above script.rss file will list all children of a root (/) folder.

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